miércoles, marzo 31, 2010

De ninguna parte...(Roma, Madrid y Estocolmo)

Tiene un aire a Greta Garbo.
Ella sabe quién es, Ella sabe quién es.
Tres veredas en las manos.
Ella sabe quién es, Ella sabe quién es.
y me mira con esos ojos negros que me hace mal de tanto bien...

Ella es de ninguna parte.
Ella sabe quién es, Ella sabe quién es.
Tiene un sentido del humor a lo woody  Allen.
Ella sabe quién es, Ella sabe quién es.
y me mira con esos ojos tristes que me hace mal de tanto bien.
y se me clava en la sien, Ella sabe quien…
Cuando se que me estas mirando, elijo mis movimientos con cuidado...

Que me hace mal de tanto bien y se me clava en la sien.
Ella sabe quién es, Ella sabe quién es.
Y se me clava en la Piel, Ella sabe quién es…

sábado, marzo 20, 2010


La Bonne Chance; Elle vient chez nous.

lunes, marzo 01, 2010

The disaster of the modern

This is it, it has arrived. My second day off in this opening mess (mess in a good way).

It is weird to wake up at seven, then eight, followed by nine and finally decide that ten is the correct answer for the alarm to stop. It happened, I woke up to see a face I haven't seen since four days and, to realize I was building up the same atmosphere once one of my boss had *and told me about it. I was sleeping and getting up in the same exhausted level. I was not inspired, I was not happy at all.

I had my crêpe with a bit of syrup instead of strawberries and cheese. I read the news, took a shower and decided to go to my mom's house. I miss her, I do, I don't deny that everytime I don't have a morning warm coffee I think of her, even though I dropped coffee three months ago. I miss her food, her constant telling of "what to eat, how to eat and when to eat it", I miss it. I miss my sisters too, especially my sweet Carmina, I miss her laugh, her fingers, her hair, her smile, I really do miss her. I think I miss a big part of my old life, the early arrivals chez moi, the arguing with dad, the minuscule things and taughts of him. I miss it too.

I really would like to twist a little bit this modern-used way of living. I have never lived like this before, running, screaming, feeling overwhelmed in all circumstances. I believe I'm getting into a non stop freeway of modern living, producing what we can later not use because of the lack of time and rest. I believe in so many differents ways of fixing things, I have been positive about it lately. I affirm it is never too late to change bit by bit, but, I also believe, time will tell well when to stop and how. Probably he sent me already all possible signs, probably it is time to really wake up and smell the coffee.